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Buds 2019 – 2020

Our entries for the Autumn Show.

Problem Solving

Buds Information

Maths focus

Rote counting to 20

Recognising numerals to 5

Counting objects to 10

Recognising groups of objects up to 5 without counting them e.g. spots on a dice

Measuring length and height

3D shapes

Days of the week





Sound of the week (ReadWriteInc)

Autumn 1

Week 4 m and a

Week 5 s and d

Week 6 t and i

Week 7 n and p

Autumn 2

Week 1 g and o

Week 2 c  and k

Week 3 u and b

Week 4 f and e

Week 5 l and h

Week 6 sh and r

Week 7 j and v


Words of the Term

a, at, as, it, an, and, am

dad, in, is, can, got, off, up, had, dog, can, get, big, cat, mum

Tricky words:

I, the, to, no, go, he, we, me



Our Outdoor Learning Environment

Our Indoor Learning Environment

Buds Flower Bed